Skin Kind | The home of naturally based Skin Care Products since 1988
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Skin Cleanser

Our Distinctive and Exclusive Cleanser for all skin types, specially developed to be suitable and safe fot those prone to Psoriasis, Eczema Dermatitis and Acne.
Contains Oils of Lavender, Pine, Avocado & Coconut.

Unique Skin Moisturiser

A high Quality light moisturiser, quick absorbing leaving very little residual.
Contains Essential oils of Avocado

Skin Moisturiser

Fragrance Free, Developed for all skin types and all over the body. Silky in application
Contains Aloe Vera Oils

Hand Repair

Ideal for those suffering from Dry Cracked Skin as well as:- Mechanics, Hairdressers, Beauty Therapists, Nurses, Doctors, Health Care Workers, Engineers, Farmers, Nursery Workers, Gardeners, or anyone with a requirement for frequent hand washing. Contain Essential oils of Lavender and Coconut.

Scalp Treatment

Skinkind’s Scalp Application with Seaweed Algae and Avocado contains
natural oils including Essential Oil of Lavender and Essential Oil of
Coconut, as well as Avocado Oil.

Moisturising Barrier cream

Skinkind’s Moisturising Barrier Cream with Avocado and Cucumber is a fresh, lightly fragranced Moisturiser for hands, but can also be used for excellent results on feet. It is absorbed into the skin very quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin’s surface as with many moisturisers

Shampoo & conditioner

Skinkind’s Shampoo with Conditioner and Jo-Joba Oil is a mild and gentle product without added perfume but with a lovely fresh natural fragrance. It can be used as a gentle yet effective Shampoo and Conditioner for skin which would normally become irritated by the use of highly perfumed products. /h6>